We provide all appropriate vaccines (based on CDC Guidelines)

Vaccinations are important because they allow our body to form antibodies against certain diseases without having to experience the disease itself. Many of these infections have associated complications which can include permanent disability or death. At the individual level, it prevents an individual from contracting the disease. At the community level, it protects the community and the individuals who reside in the community. This occurs through herd immunity. Finally, vaccines may be the only form of protection we have against a disease.

Children, adults, and seniors can all benefit from immunizations.
According to recent data, there has been a rise in Florida of avoidable disease due to lack of vaccinations being administered. Diseases such as Flu, Pertussis, and Shingles are avoidable through a vaccine.

Most health insurance plans cover the cost of recommended vaccines. Check with your insurance provider for details and for a list of vaccine providers. If you do not have health insurance, visit www.healthcare.gov to learn more about health coverage options.

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