Our Mission

Infections Managed, Inc. exists to bring up-to-date, advanced and compassionate Infectious Diseases care to those entrusted to us; honoring both patients and employees in the process.

Our Vision

Infections Managed, Inc. endeavors to become the premier Infectious Diseases practice in Fort Lauderdale and beyond- technologically, organizationally and entrepreneurially; all the while, nestled in a blanket of caring and compassion. Once our foundation is laid, we will strategically partner with specialists in the field as well as business leaders, using innovative technologies bringing together complementary services and management tools to offer patients an unparalleled experience on their road to recovery. The upcoming healthcare paradigms will demand unprecedented levels of quality, cost consciousness and service orientation which we will meet head on.

Our Values

We are capable of any task that we are confronted with, and will meet every situation with unfaltering determination.

Simply put, we care about you and will do everything to make you, as a patient, feel comfortable and well-educated about any situation.

We are compassionate and understanding of the trials that life can bring.

We are cost-conscious in that we make good decisions about our patients’ health with respect to their finances.

We are on the cutting edge; using the latest technology to stay in the new, and always looking for new ways to improve our practice.