Infections Managed aims to become a first-class, leading antibody research center in the US.

Our research and clinical trials are centered on gaining greater understanding and knowledge of healthcare challenges that plague humanity and the development of cutting-edge treatments and strategies for certain diseases.

IM embraces a cooperative, collaborative, and creative atmosphere in the pursuit of scientific excellence. Part of our mission is to pursue and advance improved treatment options and prevention of infectious diseases through extensive studies and investigative work.

It has a laboratory in the fields of antibody design, ADC chemistry, phenotypic screening, structure biochemistry, cell biology, stem cell biology, antibody engineering and antibody structure, covering all the capabilities that one needs to go from discovery of an important antibody through all the steps necessary to turn it into an infection treatment solution.

A clinical trial is a study in people that tries to answer scientific questions and to find better ways to prevent, diagnose, or treat disease.

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